One Week Down!


Our little shop has been open for a week now, and we have been humbled by your support. Thanks for all the love (and orders!)

So, what have you been buying? Top of the list – almost everyone has added a couple to their bag – are the super-cool and pocket-friendly ribbon wands. The vibrant ribbon wand has had a few more orders than the bright ribbon wand, but it’s pretty much neck and neck. With Christmas stocking stuffers being snapped up during the countdown to Christmas, we’re sure to see a few more fly off our virtual shelves. At just £1.50 you can understand why!

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Talking of stocking stuffers, the next big sellers are our temporary tattoos. Our favourites, the Insect Tattoos, have been selling well, but it’s the Nautical and Pirate ones that are the most popular. They’re just £1.50 for two, too. We have lots of other tattoos, too, including our Dinosaur pack – amateur palaeontologists and Jurassic Park devotees are sure to love these!

When it comes to bigger products we have a runaway winner – the 5-in-1 Playbox. It is a brilliant and fabulously versatile box of delights (my own little lad will be finding one under the Christmas tree). The great thing about it is that it does so much but is really compact. And it’s only £19.95. Winner!

The next big seller has been our cool monochrome play tent. Again, it’s easy to see why. It’s brilliant in both form and function and at £43.95 it’s an absolute steal! We only have two left at the moment – so grab one before they go.